Monday, March 26, 2007

Who’s a Clever Boy Then or The Continuing Saga of The Squirrels

I was intending to write something about the joys of being a grandparent but I was interrupted by some furry acrobatics of the highest order. Remember the pictures of the squirrels? Well, I lengthened the chain of paper clips to prevent squirrels from eating the bird food, thinking it would do the trick. I had not counted on the determination of our furry-tailed friends. Just take a look at this four-minute video clip. I believe I have to extend the hanging arrangement much more.

One positive thing that came out of this squirrel show was the discovery that if the branch is very flexible and moves at first attempt to move out on it, the squirrel withdraws and seeks an alternative, perhaps the easy pickings on the ground. I understand much better now why squirrels are such good survivors, just look how persistent this one is; aaand… I do not spend all day watching wildlife through the patio doors, honestly.