Friday, March 09, 2007

Cheeky Monkeys a.k.a. Squirrels

Well, wouldn’t you believe it! It seemed safe to hang balls of food in a plastic net from a small branch, but no. I was completely flabbergasted at seeing a squirrel performing a brave balancing act in order to get to the yummy seeds. Squirrel Junior was the first one to find the tempting ball of food. How he managed to stay up is anyone’s guess, but he used his tail to good effect. He even grabbed the food with both paws and tried to pull it off straight up, but the metal paper clip and the net were too strong for him, and he nearly tumbled to the ground in his frenzied attack.

Later Big Daddy Squirrel turned up, probably having been informed by Junior, and continued depriving the little birds of their added nutrition. How thoughtless of them, big bullies! I wish I had had a full battery in my digital camera so I could have filmed it, because the show Squirrel Junior put on was beyond belief. Big Daddy was a more experienced and strong individual and he held on comfortably just munching away until I opened the patio doors. He then gave the opportunity to this little fellow to fatten himself up.

(Photos taken through a glass door with full zoom, which explains the slight blur.)

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